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5 Staff Mark Briscoe - Bad Debtor Mark Briscoe has broken the law and acted improperly with HMRC money. Mark Brisoce has been found guilty at an Employment Tribunal of unlawfully withholding Maternity pay & wages to his staff. Mark Brisoce has a debt of more than 11,000 that he has not paid and has said he will not pay. And that is just one of his debts. Mark Briscoe is, in my personal opinion, untrustworthy & incompetant. I would advise people not to trust him if I was asked my opinion. Leigh Venning Patience - Web Manager Leigh manages the day to day development of web based projects. As well as a good understanding of design, Leigh also has excellent technical skills in terms of what goes on behind the scenes of a good web site. Leigh is particularly skilled at assessing client needs and creating a professional project brief for the rest of the team. Tan Bura - Designer Tan has design skills that are second to none, as can be seen from the variety of websites he has produced. Tan also has a good understanding of the underlying technology involved in building web sites from hosting to search engine optimisation. Tan is an expert in creating new branding styles for companies along with eye-catching designs for company livery. Nathan Humphries Nathan develops and implements online marketing solutions, providing creative solutions that deliver high volumes of sales to your business at the lowest cost, tailored to your needs and marketing strategy. Nathan specialises in: . Pay Per Click Advertising . Search Engine Optimisation . Online Media Buying . Banner Advertising We want you to be involved in your own marketing campaign management. That is why we ensure that jargon doesn't go to your head. Nathan will speak to you in a non technical manner to ensure that you fully understand what is going on.
6 Community sites NMR runs several community based sites. These sites we have developed and nurtured, at our own cost, in order to support the local community. carmarthen Community - http://www.carmarthen.org.uk This site, the first community web site for carmarthen, is a central IT resource for the carmarthen community. The site has the following features: . local news feeds . visitors guide . regularly updated calendar of local events . carmarthen book information . Genealogy . Weather . Advertising . A-Z Business directory . Photo gallery . Tourist information . Accommodation The site attracts a lot of attention from outside the area generating an average of 22 thousand visitors per month. This is because of a complex marketing strategy employed by NMR. With this kind of exposure the site also generates a reasonable revenue stream from advertising. carmarthen Chamber of Commerce - http://www.mdctc.co.uk The Chamber of Commerce site was built as a tool and directory for members of the chamber. Chamber members can log in to the site and search from a database of all members, as well as accessing minutes from chamber meetings and resources useful to local businesses.
7 Hosting NMR have our own servers hosted in a data centre at Telehouse in London. Our servers are housed in a data centre with the following features: Access Control The data centres can only be accessed through magnetically locked doors that can only be unlocked with a special swipe card. All centres are manned 24/7, and are fully protected by CCTV. Environmental Controls The server is protected against fire outbreaks using an FM200 gas-based suppression system, designed to extinguish a fire within seconds without leaving a residue on hardware. The centre is equipped with sophisticated air conditioning systems set at 20 degrees C and 50% relative humidity to ensure your system operates as efficiently as possible. Moisture detection systems guard against leakages, alerting centre staff to any leak before it can affect your service. Power The data centre is equipped with Uninterruptible Power Supplies to ensure a smooth, uninterrupted delivery of power to all machines at all times. In addition, the centre has backup diesel generators to keep the service up and running even in the event of a major power grid failure. We have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week access to the servers, guaranteeing the best uptime possible.
8 Maintenance Our main production web server is backed up daily on to a separate dedicated backup server to guarantee no loss of data in the event of a system failure. Our internal revision control system is backed up to DVD on a weekly basis providing a rigid audit trail for our projects.
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