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20 Hot Tips to Improve Your Web Site 1. Organise your web site logically -- Create an outline of the site before beginning the development process.
2. All graphics should be necessary - Every graphic should relate to the text on the page.
3. Use background colours that are easy on the eyes.
4. Contrast coloured text with the background so that it is readable.
5. Justify your text. A large amount of centered text is difficult to read.
6. Keep your paragraphs short - Most people don't have the patience to read large amounts of text.
7. Keep width of text to about 70% of the page width - Large text columns are difficult to read.
8. Give users a choice whether or not to view multimedia content like video or audio files.
9. Avoid making normal text blue - This usually denotes an active link.
10. Avoid underlining text - This also usually signifies a link.
11. Don't have too much animation - Animation should only be used when necessary, it quickly becomes tiresome.
12. Check spelling and grammar - a good web site is often spoiled by silly mistakes!
13. Think about the information you are putting on your site -- Keep it short and sweet with links to expanded information.
14. Always have contact information on your site -- eMail address and contact phone number should be clearly visible from anywhere in the site.
15. Use links to other sites - Try and negotiate link exchanges with other sites similar to yours.
16. Include a support e-mail address on the site - Users can report missing links or other problems.
17. Make sure your site is accessible to everyone regardless of the browser they are using - Users have different equipment - Bear this in mind when including graphics and rich media content.
18. Don't forget that your web site can be viewed by anyone, anywhere -- If you are trying to reach a global audience make sure your content can be understood internationally.
19. Try your site on different browsers -- Colours look different on a Mac than a PC.
20. Advertise your site - Getting your ad in front of as many users as possible will redirect traffic to your site. If you can advertise on a site that is relevant to your area every redirection you get will be a "hot lead". If your web site is in good order it should be easy to convert these visitors into sales!
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